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Parallax is when an object appears differently depending on where you are positioned. It’s a different viewpoint. Not wrong or right – Just a fresh perspective from a new angle.

Your time and resources are valuable, and we understand that. Finding a trusted partner vendor is time-consuming, and can be costly. That’s why Parallax was built – out of necessity & convenience. As our sister company, HitPrint grew, clients requested more services. Parallax was the answer to our clients’ requests for their full-service marketing needs. We offer a full suite of marketing services on and off the web.

Parallax is here to provide a fresh set of ideas for your business in the marketing space. With a team that has over 20+ years of combined marketing, sales, and design experience across numerous industries. We are here to provide the best possible service, support, and overall product to our clients.

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Founder – Jason Devor

Jason Devor is a power entrepreneur with ownership interests in multiple successful brands and companies. His leadership, honesty, integrity and ept ability for overall growth and performance has helped companies across the United States go from mom and pop to nationally recognized brands. 

Part of what makes every brand successful that works with Parallax is because of Jason’s personal involvement in every project. He makes himself available to all clients, large or small, and is dedicated to helping businesses explode — in a good way 😉 .

The Team

Real People. Real Solutions.

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Without a doubt, the success of Parallax completely lies on the shoulders of our dedicated team.
From Social Media and Ads to Video and Web Development, we have trained experts in every field. Rest assured, when you work with Parallax, you’re working with the best of the best. 

Our highly trained team will have your brand and business looking spectacular at every angle, every time.

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